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Emotion – Intuition – Humanity

Make humanity the main principle of Management to achieve economic success

If you would like your business to grow, position top teams and always be one step ahead of the competition, then train your Management in the subject “Humanity within Leadership”.

It is not seldom, that young Managers that are full of ideas and goals are restrained due to „having too much human mind”.  It is a fallacy to think of Humanity within Leadership as a weakness.  This way of thinking does not only delay but can also prevent long term success.

Neglecting humanity within leadership costs Companies millions

People that do not feel respected cannot use their skills.  This is the case privately and professionally.  In business context this costs companies millions:

  • Animosity and distrust of employees grows
  • Rate of illness  (amongst other things due to mobbing) grows
  • Good people leave the Company – skills are lost
  • To find and train new employees costs time and money

The Human in the Spotlight of Actions

Human relations – regardless of hierarchy - is absolutely essential for the success of a business. Where can employees be appointed suitably?  Where is the best place for their potential to unfold?  With the help of the analysis tool „9 Levels of Value Systems“ I will show you how your business can sustain success. This provides you with assurance for your decisions.


Emotional Revolution with 9 Levels

Thinking of the Top-Management must change in order to start a change in the culture of a business.

With the 9 Level model, everyone has the possibility to identify difficulties between individuals and between individuals and groups.


People in the spotlight

My aim through consulting, coaching and training is: more Humanity in business!
How can you as a Business / Executive become more sensitive together with your management as a Business / Executive?