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Change Management Using the 9 Levels

Do not fear change processes

In order to begin with a change of culture within a business change must happen in the way of thinking in the top management. Using the model of the 9 Levels everyone has the possibilty to recognise differences between individuals or between individuals and groups. Not only the recognition, but also the possilibilty to be able change the situation makes this tool so interesting.

9 Levels asks the following questions:

  • Do individuals suit each other?
  • Does the individual fit into the company as a whole?
  • Does the individual fit into the group?
  • Does the group fit into the company as a whole?
  • Has the group been composed correctly for its tasks?
  • Does the company fit in the market / society?

Practice a dynamic model

The world changes and the values system changes with it. External changing influences scream for a dynamic model of understanding and the necessity and start of change.

9 Levels supports the subject of values to be measureable and therefore within reach. It gives you security in recognising your current situation and shows how you can reach your goal situation in black and white.

I can gladly advise and escort you and your company. Your employees will thank you with extraordinary performance for your company and will make you a „magnet“ for other top employees.


Emotional Revolution with 9 Levels

Thinking of the Top-Management must change in order to start a change in the culture of a business.

With the 9 Level model, everyone has the possibility to identify difficulties between individuals and between individuals and groups.


People in the spotlight

My aim through consulting, coaching and training is: more Humanity in business!
How can you as a Business / Executive become more sensitive together with your management as a Business / Executive?