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More Humanity in Management

Engage yourself in the people that work for you!

Humanity is missing in our working world and in our complete system. Employees do not receive recognition or appreciation and unfortunately suffer inequality and unfairness. The success of a Company is based on motivated employees that are dedicated and open for new developments. This is however only possible if the Management is fully behind the principle more Humanity in Business. That is what I am dedicated to.



1987 – 1992 Law and sociology at the Bavarian Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg and the first state exam
1995 Second state exam
2011 Approved Business Trainer BDVT

Member of German Speakers Association (GSA)

Member of BDVT e.V. – Professional Association for Consultatants and Coaches

Recognition of the professional code of further education

Professional Experience

1995 – 2000 Assistant to the Management Board, Manager of the Law Department at Edeka Südbayern GmbH
2000 – 2004 Manager Expansion Areas and Manager Expansion Germany at  Metro AG (extra Verbrauchermärkte)
2004 – 2010 Senior Executive, Managing Director Ukraine and Turkey, Metro AG (Property)
Seit 2011 Owner of CLEAR Property Management, Management – Consulting – Training
Seit 2012 Owner of the Christian Lange HUMAN – INTUITION – EMOTION, Consultancy, Coaching & Training


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Emotional Revolution with 9 Levels

Thinking of the Top-Management must change in order to start a change in the culture of a business.

With the 9 Level model, everyone has the possibility to identify difficulties between individuals and between individuals and groups.


People in the spotlight

My aim through consulting, coaching and training is: more Humanity in business!
How can you as a Business / Executive become more sensitive together with your management as a Business / Executive?