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Values Stamp Company Cultures

Understand the thoughts and behaviour of people

Motivated employees are the spine of a strong business. However they only show full performance and development of new ideas if they feel placed correctly. You can motivate your employees and take advantage of their know-how if:

  • You present yourself openly and honestly
  • You know the expectations and values of your employees
  • Your employees fit within the company culture
  • You know what drives their motivation
  • You have an open ear for their needs

The analysis tool „9 Levels of Value Systems“

Values systems of people, groups and organisations can be analysed using numbers with the analysis tool “9 Levels of Value Systems”. This means that you have a better understanding of the thoughts and behaviour of your employees. If you would like to place a top employee in the best suited position, you can analyse his professional or role specific values using the „Personal Value System“. The results show how his skills should be used in order for both parties to profit.
Expose discrepancies and drive solutions with the help of Coaching.


Emotional Revolution with 9 Levels

Thinking of the Top-Management must change in order to start a change in the culture of a business.

With the 9 Level model, everyone has the possibility to identify difficulties between individuals and between individuals and groups.


People in the spotlight

My aim through consulting, coaching and training is: more Humanity in business!
How can you as a Business / Executive become more sensitive together with your management as a Business / Executive?